Founder, Product Guy and Persona Grata in the San Francisco Bay Area


Founder, Product Guy and Persona Grata in the Los Angeles metropolitan area

Full stack product manager, startup person, on the board of several IT companies for over a decade, I thrive in an environment where products are built and honed and where I can put in use my diagonal thinking and diverse skills.

My background is in Classical Studies and Computer Science. That allowed me to plug values from the past in tools from the future. You will also find me listening to audiobooks while biking; programming on a piece of paper; or designing systems with a humanistic drive.

I grew up in Rome, Italy, got hooked on seeing the world during my late teens and since then lived in Ghent, Lisbon, Santiago de Chile and San Francisco, with stints in several other european cities. As a result of that I learned a few romance languages and know what food not to order in many countries. In a distant past I drove tractors, worked as editor of online magazines and made a bunch of short videos.

I enjoy surfing, skiing and hiking. I stand by the three A, Arte Amore Apprendimento which mean "Craft, Passion and Knowledge".


Product Consultant


CS Sapienza University